08 Januari 2022

Code Less, Build More

Hello, folks. Saad here.

Today I want to share my thought on the first week of the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge.

As an informatics engineering graduate, programming is a common thing for me. Because every day I am always struggling with the code.

But even so, I myself sometimes feel not very interested in making my own products. Because knowing that to make a product is difficult. It takes a lot of resources and is time consuming.

Not to mention the highly developed programming technology. So it makes us overwhelmed to keep up to date with every new technology. Most of our time is spent learning endless new programming languages and frameworks. So we never have time to make our own products.

In fact, there are lots of ideas for making products.

Therefore, I am interested in trying a new approach. Join a community that cares more about creation than technology itself.

In this first week, I learned some technology. Some of them like Google Sheets and Zapier I've used. Meanwhile, I have never used Airtable, Carrd, Tally, www.page, and Softr.

Among these many technologies, the one that caught my attention the most was Tally.

Because for a long time I had the idea to make a simple quiz to help prospective students in Indonesia. In order to be better prepared to go through a selection process called SNMPTN. And Tally made my dream come true.

Because based on experience, most prospective students never know what to consider before making a choice of campus and major. 

So many of them fail. Although in fact, their marks are not bad. But because their strategy was wrong, they finally failed.

Therefore, I made a simple simulation using Tally and then embedded it in my web page.

Besides quizzes, I also made a simple calculator system. To help students calculate the average of their report cards.

Until this writing, the simulation quiz that I made has been used more than 360 times. While my calculator application has been used more than 100 times. A pretty decent achievement, considering it's only been released for 2 days.

I hope that in the future the simulation can be further refined. Especially with the increasing number of sample data that can be used as a reference for data modeling.

This is my experience during the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge. Hopefully I can make more useful products in the future.

With love,